khor khori museum

Dr. Irving L Finkel, the renowned Assyriologist & Archaeolgist, British Museum, London inaugurated ‘Khor Rori’ the KCHR Children’s Museum at Pattanam. The museum established in the name Khor Rori, commemorates the Early South Arabian archaeological site near Salalah in the Dhofar region of modern Oman.

The Khor Rori Children’s Museum exhibits the stone, glass, metal and terracotta artifacts of early historical period excavated from Pattanam as part of the Pattanam Archaeological Research by KCHR. The Pattanam artifacts spans three millennia from circa 1000 BCE with evidence of habitation across Iron Age, Early Historic Medieval and Modern cultural periods. The Early Historic Period (3rd century BCE to 5th century CE) appears to be the most active phase of the site. In the museum the KCHR expects children to engage with, analyse and scientifically appreciate the artifacts to make a realistic bond of knowledge of the human past to become a sensible human. The museum will be opened to the public shortly.